What is your refund & exchange policy?
Tickets are non-refundable, however we are happy for you to exchange/give your ticket to another person of the same gender - please contact us with the change of name so we can adjust the guest list. If all tickets sell-out we also have a waiting list functionality with our ticketing partner Design My Night who may be able to sell your ticket to someone on the waiting list. To find out more visit your profile on Design My Night.
What's the dress code?
Dress code is generally relaxed and optional unless we specify otherwise for an event - our staff will be dressed up, as will a lot of other guests who choose to do so, but there's no pressure to and you can turn up in whatever suits you. It's worth noting though (and we have no stats to prove this) that there's a pretty strong correlation between being dressed up and how much fun you'll have.
How immersive is it?
For those who want immersion, it's great fun - you can play the part, bring your character card to life, joke and interact with our "performance". For those who hate his kind of thing - don't worry, we get it, and we've actually designed the night with you in mind too. You don't have to interact if you don't want to, a lot of people don't even read their character card, they just enjoy the drinks and chatting to nice people. Either way, we pride ourselves on creating a night where everyone feels relaxed, as that what makes for a great atmosphere, it's something we're obsessive about.