When: Friday 22nd November

Doors: 6:30pm - 11:00pm

Where: Mother, Shoreditch

Tickets: £18

Welcome to I Fucking Date London - London's best new night out themed around times you’d meet the one... (or a one) in real life and everyone just happens to be nice, hot and single. 

You've been invited to the wedding reception of Hugo and... his new bride? Sure, it's quite questionable that he's marrying again, so soon after his last wedding - he's not bitter, and he's definitely not on the marital rebound... 


​Well, you didn't like Daisy that much anyway, and you never thought the marriage was going to last - you have your doubts about this one too but you've heard all their friends and family are hot and single, and where else is better to pull and/or find the person of your dreams, than at a wedding reception?

"You just know it's going to be good and you're going to meet decent interesting people."

~ happy guest from last time


This isn't like a shit dating event where you have to sell yourself to some idiot you've just met for 5 minutes before being shifted onto some other undesirable... Oh no, here you'll be introduced, in a laid back and informal way, to other guests by the bridesmaids, ushers and members of the Bride and Groom's family. Their role in the night will be solely to match make you with as many other singles as they can. But equally, if that's not your style, no worries just enjoy the great bar, music and company and if you have your eye on someone, just let one of them know...


You can expect:

  • A free glass of *almost* champagne on arrival

  • A backstory on how you know the bride and groom 

  • The best man's speech (by a professional funny person).

  • A Wedding photoshoot opportunity

  • Bouquet tossing, a lot of this, lots of chances to win 

  • Wedding cake

  • Wedding-appropriate DJ & music

  • A not-at-all awkward first dance


Dress Code: Either dress like you're going to a wedding, or just something nice... or whatever you fancy.

"This is actually a good night - I didn't know dating events could be fun?!"

~ happy guest from last time


Friday 22nd November, after work

Order of service:


6:30pm - doors & *almost* champagne reception

7:15pm - Bride & Groom's speeches

7:30pm - Best man's best speech

8:30pm - Awkward first dance

9:30pm - Bouquet(s) toss

11:00pm - move on to the after party

The venue: Downstairs At Mother (DAM)

The wedding reception will be held at Mother London's very swanky space Downstairs At Mother (goodness knows how they afforded it).

The space is tall, glamorous, very millennial and conveniently located 1 minute away from Shoreditch High Street station in the Biscuit Building. Just across from BoxPark.